Fixing vagrant-proxy installation problems!

    24 Jun 2022

    Always been a big fan of Vagrant, LibVirt and Vagrant Proxy. These all rock, as
    fast and convent ways to build and deploy virtual machines on Linux KVM.
    Vagrant Proxy is particularly useful for corporate environments that are
    encumbered by a proxy. It auto-magically detects the host’s proxy configuration
    and configures the virtual machine in the same way, as the VM is being built and

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    Why Fat Binary support in FD.io VPP rocks!

    10 Jun 2022

    It’s worth understanding how VPP Fat Binary (aka Multi-arch variants) support
    works in FD.io VPP, as it is pretty cool.

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    Guide to talking to applications from FD.io VPP

    01 Jun 2022

    A regular newbie question in VPP-land is how to talk to 3rd party applications
    from FD.io VPP. The answer depends of course on what you want to talk, that is
    which API or Protocol.

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    Using HPC instructions to accelerate DPDK and FD.io

    24 May 2022

    In 2020 I wrote a series of white-papers describing using the Intel AVX-512 SIMD
    instruction-set (AVX-512) to accelerate packet processing applications. AVX-512
    is well known for its ability to accelerate AES cryptography with AVX-512 Vector
    AES (vAES) instructions. However, what will be counter intuitive to some, is to
    use an instruction-set like AVX-512, that was primarily designed for HPC type
    workloads to accelerate networking.

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    Catching up on the FOSDEM 2022 network devroom

    29 Apr 2022

    2022, new year, new devroom at FOSDEM!.

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    On ABI stability in open source software

    28 Apr 2022

    I recently noted that I was the number #4 reviewer of code in the DPDK 21.11 LTS
    release. This is a direct result of my role as DPDK ABI mantainer, responsible
    for ensuring that DPDK releases remain backward compatible.

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    Traffic classification with FD.io VPP Classifiers

    19 Apr 2022

    Sometime ago, I wrote a guide covering the four different methods of
    implementing ACLs with FD.io VPP that I was aware of. At that time, I wasn't
    that familar with VPP classifiers, so I left them mostly TBD.

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