Fixing vagrant-proxy installation problems!

Always been a big fan of Vagrant, LibVirt and Vagrant Proxy. These all rock, as
fast and convent ways to build and deploy virtual machines on Linux KVM.
Vagrant Proxy is particularly useful for corporate environments that are
encumbered by a proxy. It auto-magically detects the host’s proxy configuration
and configures the virtual machine in the same way, as the VM is being built and

Recently I have been getting alot of misconfigured errors when trying to
install Vagrant Proxy on Fedora 32, as follows:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-proxy
Installing the 'vagrant-proxy' plugin. This can take a few minutes...
Vagrant failed to properly resolve required dependencies. These
errors can commonly be caused by misconfigured plugin installations
or transient network issues. The reported error is:

conflicting dependencies fog-libvirt (>= 0.6.0) and fog-libvirt (= 0.5.0)
  Activated fog-libvirt-0.5.0
  which does not match conflicting dependency (>= 0.6.0)

  Conflicting dependency chains:
    fog-libvirt (= 0.5.0), 0.5.0 activated

    vagrant-libvirt (> 0), 0.1.0 activated, depends on
    fog-libvirt (>= 0.6.0)

Turns out that is a dependency mismatch, because I am using upstream Vagrant
instead of the version installed by the Fedora package manager. I came across
the solution, which is to tell the Vagrant plugin installer where to find its
dependencies, as follows:

$ export CONFIGURE_ARGS="with-libvirt-include=/usr/include/libvirt with-libvirt-lib=/usr/lib64"
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-proxy
Installing the 'vagrant-proxy' plugin. This can take a few minutes...
Building native extensions. This could take a while...
Fetching vagrant-proxy-0.0.1.gem
Installed the plugin 'vagrant-proxy (0.0.1)'!

Similar issues with the Vagrant LibVirt plugin are resolved in the same way.