Catching up on the FOSDEM 2022 network devroom

2022, new year, new devroom at FOSDEM!.

2022 was another awesome year at FOSDEM. This year, we joined up with Stephan
and Alexander Biehl from the FOSDEM 2021 Network monitoring, discovery and
inventory devroom
and created the uber FOSDEM 2022 Network Devroom, intending on
covering all aspects of software networking.

Still virtual this year alas. However, we had a great range of speakers, across
of a wide variety of topics related to software networking, monitoring and
discovery. The complete list is below, so if you missed the event you can still
catchup. Looking forward to 2023 back in ULB Brussels already, hopefully this
time with beer!

Presentation Presenter(s) Project(s) Organization(s)
Network Traffic Classification for Cybersecurity and Monitoring Luca Deri NTop University of Pisa
Why rule-based monitoring is (still) great Faye TandogRobin Gierse CheckMK Tribe29
Peer-to-peer hole punching without centralized infrastructure Max Leonard Inden libp2p  Protocol Labs
Keep appetite for the stats, it costs nothing Arthur de KerhorHedi Bouattour VPP Cisco
Faster memory reclamation with DPDK RCU Nathan Brown DPDK ARM
BGP/OSPF with VPP at >100Mpps Pim van Pelt VPP
Predictable Network Traffic in Kubernetes Dave CreminsAbdul Halim Kubernetes Intel
Contour - Kubernetes Ingress Controller and much more 101 Orlin Vasilev Contour, Kubernetes Vmware
Kubernetes networking : is there a cheetah within your Calico? Nathan SkrzypczakChristopher Tomkins Calico, VPP Tigera, Cisco
Challenges and Opportunities in Performance Benchmarking of Service Mesh for the Edge Sunku Ranganath, Mrittika Ganguli Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy Intel
2-cluster Kubernetes, with Calico, BGP Interconnect and WireGuard… All Without Leaving Your Laptop! Christopher Tomkins Calico Tigera